Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ms. S {Santa Clarita Valencia Glamour Photographer 91355}

As soon as Ms. S walked into my studio, I knew my hair/make-up artist and I were in for a treat.  Although she didn't have a drop of make-up on, I knew that we could transform her into the glamorous woman that was in there somewhere!  Don't you think she is a Selma Hayek look-alike?  I think she's more beautiful than Selma, actually.  
 Before we started our shoot she mentioned that she has never gotten a professional portrait taken of herself before, other than back in grade school.  This woman should have been on magazine covers, right????  I'm just happy I got to be the first one to give her the experience of a lifetime!
Want to see more?  Take a look at her Before & After shot HERE.  

What can be better than beautiful photos?  Video!  Watch her experience here:
the long road

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