Saturday, May 4, 2013

Revolt! Fitness - Week 1

I'm finishing the tail end of my first week using Nichole Huntsman's Revolt! fitness program and meal plans...and I am loving it!!!  I am down 3.5lbs my friends!  That's from Monday til Friday.....woohoo!!!  I really just want to loose the flab and get toned and fit! 

Ok so here's how it works:  Nichole has put together this incredible program that is super streamlined and easy to follow.  Meals change weekly (same thing for bfast all week long, next week it's a different menu, etc), as do the workouts.  I LOVE the meal thing because I do all the prep work ONE day and throw everything together so that the work is pretty much done for the rest of the week!  I freeze what I can and voila!  Life is simple.  Worrying about what and what not to eat is a thing of the past for me!  Plus, when I get hungry I know exactly what's on the menu so I don't get tempted to eat something I'm not supposed to have.  

The workouts are fantastic.  3 intensity levels.  6 days a week.  Everything is spelled out for you.  The best thing is that the workouts are only 20-30 minutes each day.  So by the time I leave the house, go to the gym (you can totally do the workouts at home but I LOVE doing them at the gym) do my workout and come home it's almost exactly an hour.  Perfect!  The best part about it is Nichole posts videos of not only herself doing the workout so that you can do it with her at home, but she also breaks it down and does a quick blurb in the begining and shows you what each move is.  This is perfect for me because it's quick, to the point, and I can take what she shows us in the 5 min segment to the gym and do my entire workout there (she also provides a worksheet to follow so you don't get lost!).  Like I said, everything is spelled out for you.  

               For a chick who has been able to transform herself from this

to this? ..........

I'll listen to anything she tells me to do!!!!
So excited for my Revolt! journey : )


  1. Is there any workout with bicycles?
    I love bikes and I really want to be fit this summer!

    1. No bicycle workouts as far as I know... this is more of a HIIT style workout, which I think is much more effective because while you may workout harder, it's for a much shorter time!

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