Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What I Wore - Grey & Black

Leggings are my friend!  They are just so comfortable and get the job done (especially when you are chasing 2 kids around all day!).  I found these at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Yes, totally random.  I was not there shopping for clothing but they were $10 and I had a coupon - I get a billion in the mail from them all of the time! - so I couldn't resist.  They are one size fits all, which means they are super stretchy and fit everyone!  Perfection.  

I paired my black leggings with this top that I got at a major discount at a local boutique.  I fell in love with the lace and rose print detail and had to have it!  Add some boots and jewelry and I was on my way.

Shirt: We the Free by Free People
Leggings:  Capelli @ Bed Bath & Beyond
Necklace: Forever 21
Bangles: Express
Boots:  Naughty Monkey 

My good friend Jen is always ready to snap a pic of me when I need it.  She's the best!

This has nothing to do with fashion but I have to give a shout out to my sweet little guy who just turned 8!  Months, that is.  

He's my smiley nugget of sunshine : )

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Chuck Kinda Wedding {Santa Clarita Valencia 91355 Wedding Photographer}

Meet M & C.  Talk about an awesome couple.  M is obviously beautiful but also super sweet and a talented hair and makeup artist!  That's what I call a triple-threat!  C is totally laid back and real.  And together they are all smiles!  I loved how they couldn't help but laugh with each other whenever they were together.

These were taken at a beach in Carlsbad, Ca...Thanksgiving weekend (can you guess what I was thankful for???).  Perfect weather?  Check.  Beautiful surroundings?  Check.  Adorable couple?  Check.  Easy peasy.   
Next, of course, came the BIG day.  I'm such a sucker for black & white weddings and once I finished processing these I couldn't help but LOVE every single one in b&w.

The Wedding & Reception was held at a beautiful Golf Resort in Carlsbad.  The girls got ready in the Bridal Suite and the guys did their own thing in, well, the guy's room.  The thing I loved about this wedding was that everyone in the Bridal Party had a pair of Chucks.  Each with their name embroidered on the back.  LOVE it!  
Did I mention that day turned out to be one of the coldest days of the year?  Yikes!  Everyone was freezing but put up with the cold so that I could get some shots of everyone together.
 They had a classic big white tent for their Reception.  Simple yet elegant.  I loved the giant lanterns, and the Bride & Groom Cake Pops were just darling.
They had one table dedicated to the kids at the reception.  It was decked out with candy and all kinds of fun treats and toys.  One of the things they got in their swag bags were temporary tattoo sleeves to match the Groom.  Once they got them on they couldn't wait to show C and get a picture taken.  Aren't they adorable???
Alas, it was finally time for the newlyweds to call it a night.  I just love weddings and was thrilled to be part of theirs!  

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What I Wore - Teal Plaid

Is it Wednesday already?  Yikes!  This week has flown by.  Last weekend I had my sweet little Valentine's Day Special photo shoot at the studio.  It was so fun seeing lots of adorable little kiddos give me their best smiles...and not to mention some beautiful ladies strut their stuff!  Pictures coming soon...

This week is all about being casual but not frumpy.  My sweet hubby picked this shirt out for me.  What a sweet surprise!  This fitted plaid was bright and fun and just what my closet needed.
I paired it with some dark stretch denim and boots and voila, an outfit was born!  The boots are actually reeeeeeally comfortable.  I can even wear em' through my photo shoots without hurting!  Got those puppies on clearance at Marshalls!  (Why is it so hard to walk away from a good deal???)
The earrings were a vintage find from a lady I know who sells all kinds of jewelry.  I went to her home thinking I'd be there for 15 min. and ended up staying for almost 2 hours looking at everything she had!  These were one of the many that I came home with. 

Thanks to my dear friend Jen for turning the camera on me!

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Vintage Revolution
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Jewelry: Vintage

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Make it work! {Santa Clarita Valencia 91355 Portrait Photographer}

Being a natural light photographer, I do what I can to avoid artificial light if possible.  In MY perfect world the sun would stay just above the horizon and I'd have gorgeous light alllllll day long.  Lovely.  Clearly that's just not reality and sometimes when you are having so much fun photographing your beautiful sisters you don't want to stop....even if the sun decides to call it quits on your photo shoot!  
So where did we go?  The mater bathroom!  Granted, this bathroom was huge and beautiful and clean : )  Lights, camera, action!  We grabbed a couch cushion and away we went.  One lace-y top.  One setup.  Two beauties.  I think we made it work quite well, don't you think?  In cases like these it's best to open the aperture (f/stop) of the camera as wide as you can.  In other words, the lower the number, the better!  This will help blur your background and allow you to shoot in areas that you don't want to showcase.

I love these girls.  They let me do whatever I thought we needed to do, even when it came to laying on the bathroom floor!  Make it work!  You can do it!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What I Wore - Cream, Black & Red

I love flow-y tops and leggings.  I don't know if that will ever go out of style...at least not in my book.  Last week I had some Super Cash to Old Navy and had a very small window of time to use it...20 minutes to be exact.  So I basically ran through the store and grabbed everything that jumped out at me, this blouse being one of them.  In honor of Valentine's Day this week, I decided to wear my fleece-lined red leggings with it and my black slouchy boots that I use and abuse. 
 Can I just tell you how weird awkward I felt being in front of the camera?  Being behind the camera is something I don't have to think twice about, so this was a whoooooooole new experience for me!  Thanks to my sweet friend Jen at Delightful Deets who helped a sista out and took these for me!

Top: Old Navy, Leggings: Steal of a deal in China Town (Thanks Mom!), Boots: Naughty Monkey, Jewelry: Jen's Closet : )

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year!  I have memories of celebrating this holiday pretty regularly growing up, being that I am half Chinese.  My mom always had friends that threw a party with lots of food and people.  Not crazy exciting for me as a kid at the time.  But my brothers and I always went willingly.  Why, you may ask?  Everyone gives each other red envelopes filled with LUCKY MONEY.  Yup.  Every time I saw one of those red puppies I knew it could only be good.  Even if it was a dollar.  But more often than not it was a lot more than a dollar.  How cool is that?  I think the U.S. needs to start a holiday like that one.  Or multiple holidays like that one.  You really can't go wrong.....

 And since we are somewhat on the subject of my mom, I really think I'm going to have posts exclusively geared towards her somehow each week.  She's hilarious, has more energy than my 3 year old, always has advice to give, and can talk to anyone anywhere.  She's awesome and needs to be heard out here in cyberspace!!!  Plus this lady can cook!  I'm pretty sure she's gonna take this blog to a whole new level : )  

Oh and here's my daughter.  She's turning into quite the model.  This was all my mom's idea, mind you.  However, when I was trying to coach her on how to pose she said, "Mom!  I will do it by myself!"  So, there you have it.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sick Baby??? You need a Snotsucker.

Sick babies.  Anyone who's had a kid has had a sick baby.  It's miserable.  You do everything you can for them but in the end you know they still feel terrible.  My little guy (7.5 months) caught a nasty cold and cough this last weekend.  So sad : (  

I've tried nasal aspirators with my daughter and son in the past.  It's probably worked well 1 out of the 10 times I tried.  Plus I feel like I am hurting them more than helping them.  Well, my good friend told me about this product she wanted and once I understood how it worked, I was convinced that this was one of the simplest yet best baby tools that I have come across:

You can look at the Fridababy website here and see their other products, which I think are great, but just haven't tried yet.  I got mine from Buy Buy Baby in town, but you can order it online from them here.  They have it for $15.99 but I used a 20% off coupon and got it for a bit cheaper.  Either way, it's totally worth the money!

It probaby looks weird and sounds weird to suck out your babies snot, but it is so much easier and works like a charm!  I don't feel like I'm invading or hurting my baby and it's amazing how much I actually got out of his little nose. 

It was kind of fun?  Ha.  Strange, yes, but so cool!  I am such a fan.
Hopefully your little person isn't sick, but if they are or if you know someone who is, GET THIS FOR THEM!  It's heaven sent.  
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