Saturday, September 28, 2013

The L Family {Santa Clarita Valencia 91355 Portrait Photographer}

I love this sweet family.  I've done so many shoots with them I've lost count!!!  Take a look at the one I did with them about a year ago here.  

Honestly, one of the coolest parts about being a photographer is seeing how much things change over the years.  In this case, a growing family! 

I am forever grateful that they have chosen me to capture all of these defining moments in their lives!  Baby #2 was on the glad we got a get a few shots of this beautiful momma and her fam!
I've taken pictures of this little man before he was even officially out of his momma's tummy!!!  Love him!!!
Ummm....this is what I call perfection!
Any guesses on the gender of the baby?  I'll be posting pics of the babe next week : )  Gorgeous is an understatement for Miss Mom over here...she was literally due any second when we shot this! 
Like father, like son!  Hehe.  Keeping busy while I was taking pics of the lady in charge : )
Need more pretty pictures?  Click here!!!!
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