Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sick Baby??? You need a Snotsucker.

Sick babies.  Anyone who's had a kid has had a sick baby.  It's miserable.  You do everything you can for them but in the end you know they still feel terrible.  My little guy (7.5 months) caught a nasty cold and cough this last weekend.  So sad : (  

I've tried nasal aspirators with my daughter and son in the past.  It's probably worked well 1 out of the 10 times I tried.  Plus I feel like I am hurting them more than helping them.  Well, my good friend told me about this product she wanted and once I understood how it worked, I was convinced that this was one of the simplest yet best baby tools that I have come across:

You can look at the Fridababy website here and see their other products, which I think are great, but just haven't tried yet.  I got mine from Buy Buy Baby in town, but you can order it online from them here.  They have it for $15.99 but I used a 20% off coupon and got it for a bit cheaper.  Either way, it's totally worth the money!

It probaby looks weird and sounds weird to suck out your babies snot, but it is so much easier and works like a charm!  I don't feel like I'm invading or hurting my baby and it's amazing how much I actually got out of his little nose. 

It was kind of fun?  Ha.  Strange, yes, but so cool!  I am such a fan.
Hopefully your little person isn't sick, but if they are or if you know someone who is, GET THIS FOR THEM!  It's heaven sent.  

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