Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year!  I have memories of celebrating this holiday pretty regularly growing up, being that I am half Chinese.  My mom always had friends that threw a party with lots of food and people.  Not crazy exciting for me as a kid at the time.  But my brothers and I always went willingly.  Why, you may ask?  Everyone gives each other red envelopes filled with LUCKY MONEY.  Yup.  Every time I saw one of those red puppies I knew it could only be good.  Even if it was a dollar.  But more often than not it was a lot more than a dollar.  How cool is that?  I think the U.S. needs to start a holiday like that one.  Or multiple holidays like that one.  You really can't go wrong.....

 And since we are somewhat on the subject of my mom, I really think I'm going to have posts exclusively geared towards her somehow each week.  She's hilarious, has more energy than my 3 year old, always has advice to give, and can talk to anyone anywhere.  She's awesome and needs to be heard out here in cyberspace!!!  Plus this lady can cook!  I'm pretty sure she's gonna take this blog to a whole new level : )  

Oh and here's my daughter.  She's turning into quite the model.  This was all my mom's idea, mind you.  However, when I was trying to coach her on how to pose she said, "Mom!  I will do it by myself!"  So, there you have it.

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