Monday, June 10, 2013

Revolt! Fitness - Week 6

6 weeks down, 6 more to go with Revolt! Fitness!  This has been one BIG eye opener for me as far as what and how I need to be eating!  I pretty much threw all of my good eating habits out the window when I was preggo with my last babe and haven't looked back since.  Not anymore!!!  I really feel like I'm back on track and even BETTER than before.

This past week was detox week!  The hubbs and I both dropped a few lbs. and are happy about our progress!  I am a bit behind for this week though.  Saturday was CRAY CRAY busy so I didn't have time to prep and shop for this week!  Gotta get 'er done today.
Did I mention how Revolt! Fitness is crazy affordable?  Like, double-take-is-that-really-all??? kind of affordable.  Check it out for yourself and happy fitness!!!


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