Monday, October 20, 2014

Frozen Elsa Costume {Santa Clarita Valencia Photographer}

Here is my little Miss J.  She chose to be Elsa for Halloween this year...along with many, many other little girls!  I finished up a shoot one day and thought it would be fun for us to to do a practice run with her costume.  So with a little of Mommy's makeup and a wig we transformed this little lady into an Ice Queen! 
She had a crown from her dress-up stash that we ended up using, spite the missing gem!  I still think she looked adorable and know that she LOVED looking like Elsa!  Her fave part of it all?  The cape!
  This one ended up being my favorite shot! The wig we ended up using was actually a "Tangled" wig....all of the Elsa wigs were sold out!  We just did a side braid and called it good : )
Where I got everything:
Main Costume: Party City
Tangled Wig: Walmart
Snow "Cape" fabric: Joanne's Fabric

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