Thursday, August 1, 2013

Revolt! Fitness - Week 11

OK so I'm a little behind on my weekly posts but nonetheless I am still on my long lasting path to health and fitness!  I have been following the Revolt! Fitness plan for 11 weeks now and it has been such an eye opener to 1.) How much I've been overeating 2.) The CORRECT portions of sugar, fat and carbs that I should be really taking in on a daily basis.

Can I also say that I am OBSESSED with the flour-less margarita pizza that was on our menu??? SO tasy!!! I could probably eat that every day of my life and never complain.

Hubbs and I have been doing level 3 workouts and I am amazed at how my stamina and strength have improved.  Amazing how doing something consistently will improve in that area over time.  

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